Nico Giles Media

NGM was founded in 2017 after stumbling upon one very important realization; we need healthy ways to discuss difficult issues in our society. We’ve all been through something- influenced by our culture, our experiences, and our interactions. We learned our norms and our behaviors. The problem is – most of it needs correcting.

Those experiences led us to our mission: To create compelling stories for a socially conscious world forward.

The campaigns that we create are not meant to be the finish line, but rather the starting point. There are many issues that this nation is reconciling with. We are learning to embrace our history – however obscure it may feel. NGM desire’s to add to that collective conversation. The conversation about justice, about integrity, about equity – about truth.

Through our pillar content, docu-series, branded campaigns and other events, we have fostered courageous conversations helping to awaken a sense of consciousness. We take great pride in our ability to peel back the protective layers that we have all learned to live our lives behind, and to move forward – as one.

Our newest Series, The Opportunity Gap

Why does increasing inequality exist in the Land of The Free? In our newest series, The Opportunity Gap, we explore the barriers people face in the pursuit of the American Dream, and meet people along the way working to overcome them.

Passion-filled interviews; heart-felt stories; home cooked meals. This studio has the recipe for a good time! Level Three Studio is a weekly YouTube show and Audio Podcast in which members of the community weigh in on their perspectives around a socially conscious society.




Nico Giles Media exists to create strategic content for today’s socially conscious world.

Conscious Content Manifesto

1. Narratives, which allow us to emotionally engage with the history of people & problems, are one of the most powerful tools for engaging in change.

2. If empowered with the right resources, the people who face certain challenges tend to be the most equipped to solve them.

3. Equity should be the lens through which innovation occurs.