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NGM is an Emmy award-winning, mission-driven production company focused on the development of non-fiction documentaries and films.

Upcoming Work

49th Annual American Music Awards

The 49th Annual American Music Awards were held on November 21, 2021, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, recognizing the most popular artists, singles and albums of 2021. Nico Giles was hired as a segment producer to develop a 3-part documentary video package for Artists Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, and Kane Brown. The project detailed their upbringing and home experiences, including interviews with the artists, as well as archival and b-roll footage of their hometowns.

Lincoln Prep, Kansas City’s premiere school for black excellence is starting the year with the best football program in school history. While the team has their eyes set on a state championship, the city is facing the most violent year they’ve seen in decades. Add on that local alumni might soon be priced out of the neighborhood and school they hope to send their kids to and the football field won’t be the only battle ground this year.

Recent Work

Kansas City’s Movement For Black Lives

Set to be painted by local art activists, 6 streets have been designated for Black Lives Matter murals. While some stand by the statement the city is making towards the value of Black lives, others hope it’s a gateway to address the legacy of systemic injustice.

Land of Opportunity is the story of integration in the Santa Fe Place neighborhood as one example in the fight for housing rights across America following the Great Depression.

The Opportunity Gap

Why does increasing inequality exist in the Land of The Free? In this series, we explore the barriers people face in the pursuit of the American Dream, and meet people along the way working to overcome them.


As Americans, Education is our shared experience. The question is; what did we actually learn?

Level Three Studio

A living room podcast with an award winning chef; the recipe for real conversation.

Walking The Talk

Inclusive is today’s corporate buzz-word. Putting it into action is the defining difference.

Creative Insights

A series focusing on the craft and business of creatives


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