Project Description


Black Lives Matter Murals in KC

Set to be painted by local art activists, 6 streets have been designated for Black Lives Matter murals. While some stand by the statement the city is making towards the value of Black lives, others hope it’s a gateway to address the legacy of systemic injustice.

A new Kansas City PBS documentary chronicles the creation of six street murals that honor the Black Lives Matter movement in neighborhoods across Kansas City. 6 STREETS highlights the community organizations that made the project possible and celebrates the art activists whose creative interpretations of this profound moment in history are now commemorated on the streets of Kansas City. The film follows artists the week before their mural is set to be painted, taking a deeper look into their lives, what has inspired their passion for this work, and what obstacles they currently face in their pursuit of art activism. This comes after a resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 following the continued killing of unarmed Black people at the hands of police. Protests erupted across the nation calling for systemic and institutional change. These calls were echoed in Kansas City where, in response, the City Council passed a proclamation to create murals featuring the words “Black Lives Matter.” Troost Market Collective (TMC), along with the NAACP, the Urban League of Greater Kansas City and additional Black legacy institutions, partnered with the six art activists to paint six streets in Kansas City, providing an artistic representation of the value the community holds for Black lives. The work of these artists and organizations continues as they raise money to finance a Black Lives Matter mural fund, effectively extending this value statement from the streets onto buildings across the city. Kansas City PBS invites you to join the community on this journey through change and healing as the Black Lives Matter movement comes to life through the power of art.