Our mission is to create compelling stories for a socially conscious world

“Founded In 2017”

Founded in 2017, NGM has produced a wide range of content noted for its intellectual yet authentic and relatable voice. In 2019, NGM spearheaded the creation of a short documentary series, The Opportunity Gap, that examined inequality in the American education system. Recently, NGM produced the award-winning film, Land Of Opportunity, a broadcast documentary that aired on PBS, focused on housing discrimination and historical racism in Kansas City real estate development.

In addition to broadcast and digital video content, Nico Giles Media has created podcasts, video podcasts, and panels, all unified by one theme: pushing forward with difficult conversations around inequality and our troubled history, toward a vision of a more just future.

“Keep Asking Why”

Nicholas Wiggins


Our productions and campaigns are not meant to be the finish line, but rather the starting point. There are many issues that this nation is reconciling with. We are learning to embrace our history – however obscure it may feel. NGM desire’s to add to that collective conversation. The conversation about justice, about integrity, about equity – about truth.

Nicholas Wiggins, Founder/CEO