The Tale of Oneself

Learn how to tell your own life story.

The most empowering thing that you can do is to learn how to tell your own life story. It will do more than just make for a good time at family retreats or campfires. It will give depth to your actions, choices, and decisions. It will give reason to your being-ness. To understand your story will make way for life lived on purpose. It will give you a purpose behind your creations, and creating is the most important thing that you can do with your life.

To understand your story, your struggle, your heartache – as we have all faced -provides clarity to where you are ought to be going – to what you ought to be proactively creating. The ability to deliver your story, empowers you to be the teller of your narrative – to be the author of your experiences – allowing no one else to dictate your path.

In understanding that story – it brings insight into why you have become who you are. I have realized that in embracing the parts of me that felt most shameful, and sharing that truth – that willingness to be vulnerable – has connected me deeper to the world around me. And when we open ourselves up, and allow ourselves to be vulnerable, through the truth of our life stories – we become empowered to actively live through our lives. When we allow the world to see us, often times that world will embrace us.

When you exist through your story – through the life that you have lived – you give meaning to your interactions, to other lives that come across your path, and to the work that your labor creates. You become proactive in the continuation of your story. You become not just the main actor, but the author. You are here to create your life story, not to live the tale of someone else. Embrace, create, and live that story.

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