What is my worth?

How do you measure your worth? What outlets, resources, or insights do you draw upon to measure the value that you give to this world? For a lot of us, it is the amount of money that we make. Regardless of how we make it. Because for a majority of us, it doesn’t matter as much how we accumulated it but rather what we can afford with it. So therefor what is the price that you pay, in exchange for the worth that holds your value?

Because of the high cost that we know we often pay, we would rather live our lives never facing the truth of what we sacrifice to obtain what we have. To care about who we are or what we become only serves to the means of what we own. Because often times, what we own defines why we matter. I think all of us are searching for our worth, for the truth, for our price, never realizing that from the very begging of our search we have always and will always remain priceless.

This world makes its money by selling you on what you are not, for there would be no bribe that can endure the test of someone who has everything they need. Everything you need is already inside of you. It is there, waiting for you to listen, to attend to its call. It wants you to know that you are priceless. It desires your declaration that you are more than enough.

It will take some time. We must work back out of a life that we were taught we would need to survive, need to feel worthy, or necessary, to feel appreciated. Our itch for external worth has left us never depending upon ourselves to grow and discover more of who we are. We dare not measure the magnitude of independency required for producing our own happiness because we would have no idea where to begin. We have allowed the world to decide our value and thus the world has decided our contribution, our fate.

I am hesitant to project any answers, any solutions to such a difficult task as finding ones worth. But I will leave you with a few thoughts that have helped me tremendously:

  • Take the task seriously.
  • Live in concert with yourself today, not in accordance with the values this world prescribes.
  • Let go of the things you do not need.
  • Begin all accounts of measurement within oneself.
  • Take everything into consideration, allowing yourself to wonder from one belief to another in search of conviction.
  • Hold a critically reflective lens to the life you propose you most desire.

You are there. Waiting to be heard, felt and understood more deeply by the world around you. But you must be the first to listen – enticing the courage to stand on our own, defining your own worth – before the world will respond proclaiming, s/he is priceless!

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